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What is the relationship between teeth and headaches?

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1 February, 2017
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14 March, 2017

What is the relationship between teeth and headaches?


The reasons behind the headaches Have been much debated by researchers for a long time. The accepted explanations range from biomechanical action and muscle tension in the facial muscles product of psychological stress, however, there are reasons that many people are not aware of Relationship between the upper and lower jaw and muscles that control mandibular movement may well be a cause of headache.

While doctors will allow you to understand and combat or heal from headaches,Your dentist may have a more important role to playOf which you realize.

Types of headaches.

Most of us have unfortunately experienced at least two types – there are several types of headaches, many of which are quite common and have understood the causes, while others may have special reasons. It is always wise to consult a doctor if headaches are a frequent occurrence – and you may be surprised at what you can learn about the relationship between headaches and their physiology.

The most common headaches are:

Sinusitis:A pain in the breasts that lies behind the cheekbones and forehead and is caused by a problem with the breasts of the craniofacial mass.

Migraine: A migraine can be due to several reasons. It is a headache that usually affects some parts of the head but does not affect others, at a particular point in the head. Nausea and visual changes are common indicators.

Cluster headache: A cluster pain in general, is concentrated in and around one of the eyes and is generally considered as an eye strain by people and discards it as such, however, should be consulted to a doctor to find the cause.
By voltage: A tension headache is located on the forehead and is usually described as a painful pressure or tension on the forehead with a feeling as if the patient were wearing a very tight headband.

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