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What is the relationship between teeth and headaches?
1 February, 2017

When should we visit the dentist?


Is it advisable to visit the dentist regularly?

Yes, It is recommended to visit the dentist regularly.This will avoid many unpleasant problems later.
In this issue of dental care, what is not done at the age of fifty is paid at sixty. Thus,
It is important to get into the habit of visiting the dentist at least once a year, and better from an early age

However, only a minority decides to visit the dentist annually. It can also happen that the dentist asks you to go more often. As you know your dentition well, he will know if, for example, you have a higher risk of caries or weaker gums and in which cases the review should be more frequent.

Really Every 8-10 months a patient with a healthy mouth should be profilaxis
To have a complete oral hygiene that eliminates all the remains of plaque as prevention against possible Periodontal diseases for example.



In addition to the annual consultation … what other dental visits should be done regularly?

Visiting the dentist routinely ensures that the dentist checksThe state of the teeth and gums, of thefillingsand theprosthesis. You will also see if there is an onset of injury, for example root caries,And check theMobility of the pieces,To see if there is a risk of falling teeth.

It also checks theDental occlusion,That is, the way the teeth “bite” between them. And this visit is frequently used to make a deep cleaning and eliminate tartar. X-rays are also usually taken. For patients who are not “carioactive”, ie those who have a lower risk of developing caries, X-rays are recommended every two years.

After 65, an X-ray is sufficient every four years, because cavities develop less quickly. However, if the dentist considers that there is a change in the rate of tooth decay, you can ask for this test more often.

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