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Committed to the health of your mouth
And with your smile!

Years of experience in dentistry

We guarantee 30 years of experience offering all our services, and 15 years dedicated to dental tourism in Puerto Vallarta. Our professionals have the training, qualification and experience to guarantee results, in addition to the certifications granted by the Mexican Dental Association and the American Dental Association.

In Grupo Odontológico Integral the diagnoses are ratified by our group of specialists in each dental area.

Our clinics have a Dental Director who does a job of reviewing, evaluating and confirming the diagnosis of your first visit.
The Dental Director himself supervises his treatment and laboratory tests in addition to the final work done.

Our Director, supported by each area, hears any doubts of the diagnosis offered and the proposal of treatment offering solutions and alternatives to the patient that fit their times and budget and the main thing: to solve your health problem.

We put all our experience at the service of your smile and your oral health.

Our team

Dra. Carmen Soto

Directora Clínica Flamingos Nuevo Vallarta

Dr. Carlos Zarazúa

Cirujano maxilofacial e implantólogo

Dra. Miriam Hernández


Dra. Perla Hernández


Dr. Fernando Mendoza

Rehabilitador de implantes

Dra. Alín Alba

Dentista General

Dra. Betsy Bravo

Dentista General

Leslei Hernández

Asistente dental



Asistente dental

Danya Robles

Recepcionista y RRPP

Lic. José Luis Bautista



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