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A high quality intraoral sensor As the first equipment used in digital radiography, the RVG 5200 system is not only simple to use, but also surprisingly powerful. The images appear immediately after the acquisition, which will save you valuable time and focus on the most important: your patients.
With a true resolution of 16 pl / mm, the RVG 5200 system delivers images of the same quality or superior quality as other intraoral sensors on the market, so you no longer have to sacrifice image quality for affordable equipment.

Intraoral Scan: The Future of Digital Dentistry

Dental impressions or "taking measurements" is one of the usual procedures performed at any dental clinic. A paste is used, usually alginate or a special silicone, which is introduced into the patient's mouth, thus obtaining a negative of the dental anatomy and its surrounding structures. Subsequently, this impression, in negative, is filled with a plaster with special characteristics for the printing positivado, in this way we get accurate molds of the patient's mouth. This procedure, like many others in Dentistry, thanks to the investment in innovation, have been evolving, leading to the digital take of dental impressions.

What are the advantages for the patient?

The TrueDefinition ™ intraoral scanner allows us to "take measurements" of the patient's mouth without the need to put any paste in the mouth, with the comfort this supposes for the patient, especially for those that the conventional impression takes them nausea Or choking sensation. Digital prints, another advantage for patients, is that the dentist can check the validity of the impression at the same time of taking it, without waiting to see its positivado and the possibility of a problem during its preparation, so That the repetition of impressions is almost null, avoiding the patient to have to move again to the dental clinic for the repetition of the same ones. In addition, the use of the intraoral scanner allows the preparation of individualized devices, as in cases of invisible orthodontics or lingual orthodontics, more quickly, since in this case, patient models are not sent by ordinary mail, but Allow to send the measurements of the patient to the technical laboratory where the equipment is made by means of the Internet, receiving the models almost instantaneously, being able thus to start the treatment without waiting such long periods of time.

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